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The Sanborn Fire Insurance maps are now available as a continuous zoomable slippy map. These maps are 100 to 130 years old. You can see older places like parks and streets that have changed names. The maps show old cotton mills, railroad stations, and lumber yards that no longer exist. Some cities have maps from multiple years as far back as 1884.

A slider allows mixing the old maps with new photography to see what was there before the Interstate highways were built. These maps don't show the entire city nor every building. The fire insurance maps main purpose is to show insured buildings.

If you view the page on a tablet or phone, the map can show your location on the hundred-year-old map. This is great for walking tours of the city as it was 100 years ago.

updated March 2023

Some of the maps on this page were created
using software from programmers in Ukraine.